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Breaking Chains: Pakistani Girl Joins the Army to Escape Arranged Marriage


Dec 11, 2023

In a courageous move that defies societal norms and challenges traditional expectations, a Pakistani girl Humna Zafar recently made headlines by joining the army to escape an arranged marriage. This bold decision not only reflects the changing dynamics within Pakistani society but also carries significant implications for gender roles, individual agency, and the broader impact on the lives of women in the country.

Breaking Traditions: Escaping an Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages have long been deeply ingrained in Pakistani culture, with societal expectations often dictating the path individuals are expected to follow. However, this young woman’s decision to enlist in the army represents a profound departure from the prescribed script, emphasizing her determination to chart her own course and challenge the limitations imposed by traditional gender roles.

Impact on Gender Roles:

The decision to join the army to escape an arranged marriage sends a powerful message about the evolving roles of women in Pakistani society. It challenges the notion that a woman’s primary destiny lies in marriage and homemaking, asserting that women have the agency and capability to pursue careers and aspirations beyond societal expectations.

Empowering Women: A Catalyst for Change

The young woman’s choice to join the army not only empowers her individually but also serves as a catalyst for change. By stepping into a traditionally male-dominated profession, she breaks barriers and paves the way for other women to consider unconventional paths. This act of defiance becomes an inspiration for those who aspire to challenge societal norms and pursue their ambitions, irrespective of gender-based restrictions.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While the decision to join the army offers newfound freedom and opportunities, it is not without its challenges. The armed forces, like many institutions around the world, have historically been male-dominated. The young Humna may face hurdles and prejudices as she navigates through a profession where women are still underrepresented. However, her bravery and determination may also contribute to breaking down gender barriers within the military, fostering a more inclusive environment for future generations.

National Dialogue on Gender Equality:

The impact of this individual’s choice extends beyond personal empowerment; it sparks a national dialogue on gender equality and the need to challenge ingrained societal norms. Conversations around the role of women in various sectors, including the military, are gaining momentum. The decision of the Humna encourages a broader discussion on dismantling stereotypes and fostering an inclusive society that values the contributions of women in all spheres.

Support and Backlash:

The girl’s decision has garnered both support and backlash from various quarters. While many applaud her courage and determination, others criticize her departure from traditional expectations. The mix of reactions highlights the societal divide on issues of gender roles and autonomy. However, the attention her story receives provides an opportunity for constructive discourse on the importance of recognizing and respecting individual choices.


The story of the Pakistani girl who joined the army to escape an arranged marriage stands as a testament to the changing dynamics within Pakistani society. Her decision is a bold stride towards dismantling gender stereotypes and challenging societal expectations. As the impact of her choice reverberates across the nation, it prompts critical conversations about gender equality, individual agency, and the need for a more inclusive and accepting society that values the aspirations and choices of all its members.

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