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Netgear Orbi Satellite Colors: Meaning and Troubleshooting

It is the satellite present in the Orbi system that makes it a mesh WiFi system. Without the satellite, there is only router and the WiFi range is much less as compared to those achieved with the addition of a satellite. With that said, one should consider adding two or more satellite to the Orbi router depending upon the size of their houses. However, it is not enough to install the satellite. Being a networking device, it is likely to become a victim of technical issues and most of them are related to lights. With that said, it becomes quite important to get familiar with the Netgear Orbi satellite colors meaning. Keep reading.

Before You Learn About Orbi Satellite Colors

The colors illuminated by the lights on your Orbi satellite will be revealed later. But, let’s first make you familiar with the number of lights present on the device. For your information, the no. of LEDs on a satellite is 2 and these lights are known as Power LED and Ring LED. Let’s have a brief discussion about both these lights so that the concept will become clearer to you.

Power Light: As the name suggests, the purpose of the Power light present on the satellite is to reveal the status of the power/electricity being received by your Orbi. As soon as the power fluctuates, you will notice a change in the activity of the Power light.

Ring Light: The Ring LED light present on the WiFi satellite brought in by Netgear Orbi reveals the status of the internet connection, the connection between your router and satellite. You will also get to know whether your WiFi devices are synced properly or not.

Now, let’s move ahead with our guide explaining the Netgear Orbi satellite colors meaning and make you familiar with the colors that appear on these two LED lights. 

Orbi Satellite Colors: Meaning and Troubleshooting

Let’s begin by understanding the meaning of colors that appear on the Power button light of your WiFi satellite:

The Power Button Light- Meaning

If the power button LED on the satellite is green, you can conclude that the satellite is powered on and nothing is wrong. On the off chance, the light illuminates the color solid amber, know that the device is rebooting. Whenever the Power LED button the satellite starts pulsing amber, keep in mind that the reconfiguration via the orbilogin portal is required. The color red indicates danger and requires a rapt attention.

The Power Button Light- Troubleshooting

If you want the Power LED light on your satellite to depict the good color i.e. green for obvious reasons, then you must always ensure a stable power supply. That will only be possible if you do not connect the satellite to a damaged socket. Power requirements should be proper in a nutshell.

The Ring LED- Meaning

This is to inform you that the Ring LED on your WiFi satellite is supposed to be off. It is a sign that the satellite is working fine and no troubleshooting is required with respect to Orbi satellite colors. However, if the satellite’s ring LED is pulsing white, it is a sign that some configuration is being applied to the device and you must wait. The solid white color represents the booting process whereas the color magenta indicates that no IP is being assigned to satellite. It also means lack of an internet connection. The color blue is good as the connection becomes stable in this scenario whereas the amber color means a fair satellite-router connection.

The Ring LED- Troubleshooting

Be very sure that your WiFi satellite is present within the range of the main router and the hardwire connection is strong. Restarting both devices can also be fruitful if no IP is being assigned to the satellite by the router. Also, sync both devices.

The Final Words

That’s all about the Netgear Orbi satellite colors. We hope that you have gained enough knowledge about the colors that appear on your satellite and related troubleshooting techniques. Now, you can resume your wonderful networking experience.


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