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How do Nursery Schools Encourage the Physical Development of Kindergarteners?

The first five years of a child’s life see rapid growth in four areas: physical development, communication, cognitive development, and social-emotional development. Nursery school design activities to help develop the skills in all four areas, usually starting with physical development. Physical activities for gross motor skills act like therapy as they help children lose their inhibitions besides exercising their limbs. 

Activities designed for fine motor skills development help strengthen their movements corresponding with their muscles like their hands, fingers, feet, and toes and develop their imagination.

Here’s How Top Schools In Bangalore Help In The Gross And Fine Motor Development Of Nursery Children

Activities for Developing Gross Motor Skills:

Playground: The playground is the favorite place for nursery school children. Playing on the slides, swings, jungle gyms, see-saw, or just running around the open space gives children a chance to exercise their limbs and also burn their energy besides relieving tension and nervousness.

Hop, Skip and Jump: Jumping, hopping, and skipping require balance and coordination. These activities also require strong muscles and help develop gross motor skills as children learn to hop on a leg from place to place. 

Jump and grab: Jumping and grabbing objects that have been hung by a rope are fun activities that help children try to reach out, stretch, jump, and grab. 

Playing catch: This running activity is a favorite among children. Racing also helps them develop strength and speed as well as strengthens their leg muscles and concentration.

Obstacle race, bunny hop, walking through a maze, playing in the sand, are other play activities designed by nursery schools for kindergarten students to help strengthen their gross motors. These activities have multiple benefits, as these also help children concentrate, lessen their anxiety, and improve their social skills.

Activities for Developing Fine Motor Skills:

Top schools in Bangalore don’t begin writing activities in nursery classes. They first help develop the finer muscles of their students through various activities. These activities help the children learn to grasp objects between their fingers, move them with their fingertips, and exercise their finer muscles.

Playdough: Playdough offers children the sensory diet they require to develop their finger muscles. Kneading the dough, squeezing it, rolling it, pinching it, and stretching it between their fingers develops their sensory skills. 

Painting: Finger painting is also a favorite activity for kids at nursery schools. Feeling the wet paint on their fingers, painting with their fingers, etc. works like therapy for kids. It also develops their creativity and imagination.

Buttons and beads: Playing with buttons and beads, sorting them based on their colors, sizes, and shapes, placing them in various shapes, helps children develop their finger muscles, concentration, and their creativity. 


A wide array of activities are planned for the students of kindergarten by the nursery teachers at the top schools in Bangalore. This helps strengthen their motor skills and muscles, improve their concentration, and develop their creativity. All of these activities go a long way in their growth and progress and help them in their later classes. 


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