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The Future of Cosmetic Packaging in the Digital Era

cosmetic packaging

The cosmetic industry took a plunge in sales during the devastating time of COVID-19. One of the many reasons was that the use of such products had come to a halt. The entirety of the world was working from home. Since nobody was interacting with each other physically, it reduced the need to look physically attractive. The online filters sufficed to fulfill the job that cosmetics had done before. In order to reverse the economic damage to the industry they had to innovate and attract customers however it was possible. 

One way to go about attracting customers was through customized packaging. See, the difference between the products in the rest of the world and cosmetics is that the cosmetic industry was already into customized packaging. The reason is simple, in the world of cosmetics you have to keep up appearances. You won’t enter a Sephora store just to see a woman with a barren face in pajamas selling the products. You will however interact with a conservatively dressed and makeup-laden woman. It portrays the standards and the products the store is selling.

But ever since the pandemic struck the world went into a physical lockdown and took a dive into the digital world. Every little thing, whether it had a physical presence or not, brewed innovation and incorporated digital qualities into it. The main qualities of cosmetic packaging were dependent on the customers reaching out physically. Here are all the ways cosmetic packaging made its space in the digital era. 

cosmetic packaging

Evolution of Cosmetic Packaging 

Cosmetic products have been in use for a long time, from the Paleolithic era to the current modern day, it has endured the test of time. Just as the products evolved to meet the customer requirements, the packaging did too. Initially, it was confined to a couple of clay pots. But now the packaging has advanced beyond our imagination. Let us look at all the ways the digital era has inspired cosmetic packaging. 

QR Codes 

It has been a while since QR codes have taken over, from financial transactions to restaurant menus, all you have to do is scan the QR code and obtain access. During its transaction into the digital world, cosmetic packaging also incorporated QR codes in itself. Whether it is the protective box or tertiary packaging, anything can be embossed with the QR code. This simple digital vessel takes your customer onto a new dimension of virtual reality. Whether you want your customer to jump onto your website for easy re-purchase of your product. Or you want to depict a tale of your version of the brand’s history. QR codes are the easiest solution for all your problems. The digital world has increased our tendency to rely on instant access to sites and information. And QR codes provide us that access as fast as they could get. 

There is no doubt that QR codes are efficient in transferring information. Another advantage to these codes is that they do it without causing any clutter. A simple printed QR code can withhold a ton of information without making it look dubious on the packaging. It aligns with the current design trends of minimalism. Furthermore, it does not agitate or disturb the aesthetic appeal of the packaging. Incorporating QR codes into cosmetic packaging was a well-calculated move that did pay off. It has led to more sales with the instant connection it creates to the website. With just one quick scan, if your customer like your product, they land on your web page to buy more leading to increased revenue. 

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cosmetic packaging

3D is the Latest Deal

Shopping is now a digital feat, no matter the niche, you can order everything online. Most customers feel betrayed when they don’t receive packages that they perceived while looking at an image on the website. It is true that most people skim over the details and don’t read the fine print before passing on judgemental comments about the products. But such actions do not seem to be getting better. So the cosmetic packaging industry evolved its digital presence in order to save itself from comments from petty Karens that do not read the product description thoroughly. 

The solution is rather simple; 3D depiction of the packaging. If you illustrate the packaging of your product in a manner that forms a 3D image in the mind of the customer you will save yourself a ton of hassle. It will help the customer perceive better and get an enhanced recognition of the packaging they are about to order. A 3D depiction of the model product not only makes your website look tech-savvy but also protects you from avoidable negative reviews. 

Final Words

All of the world has had to adapt to the digital era, if someone didn’t comply they became irrelevant. Regardless of the extent of digitalization, some things cannot be eliminated. Cosmetic packaging is one of those things. Even if all the shopping happens online, the product still needs to get to the customer in a safe vessel, cosmetic packaging provides that safe vessel. Furthermore, the packaging is still the very first moment of interaction between the customer and the product. As impeccable as the packing will be, an equally amazing opinion will be formed in the customers’ minds even before trying out the product. Cosmetic packaging has always been a necessity, it was just a question of adaptation to the standards of the current digitalized era. In our humble opinion, cosmetic packaging has made its place just fine in the digital world.


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