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5 Ways Teachers Can Support Students’ Mental Health

Mental Health

Every adult has various demands and coping mechanisms for stressful situations. The situation is the same for kids. Some kids will have adapted successfully to the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions and school closings. 

Others find it challenging to handle all the changes and uncertainty. Some kids return to school after dealing with stress, anxiety, loneliness, and grief. Some people could have seen an upsurge in domestic violence.

Teachers and school staff play a crucial role in assisting students as they adjust to studying again in traditional classroom settings, especially following periods of CBSE school closure. While schools were closed, teachers continued to adopt a variety of strategies to safeguard their kids’ academic and emotional well-being:

Top 5 Tips Teachers Can Support Student for Mental Health

Engaging in active listening

COVID-19 and school closings negatively impacted many children and adolescents’ mental health and well-being. It is crucial for teachers to pay attention to their pupils’ worries and to show empathy and understanding.

Give your kids the chance to speak with you one-on-one to rekindle their relationship and address any issues that may have come up while their school was closed. Please abide by the protection or child safeguarding procedures set in place if a kid discloses anything that is very alarming.

Adopt a timely evaluative approach.

Teachers and other staff members at the school should take the time to assess pupils’ progress before introducing new academic material to the class.

Keep in mind that youngsters may find it difficult to focus at first, or it may take them longer to get back into the learning rhythm. Give them the chance to rest, wander about, and reconnect with their peers and friends.

Involve children in planning and interpretation of evaluation and assessment.

Encourage kids to help create a warm, secure, and comfortable environment in the classroom. When doing so, adhere to the school’s safety policies and utilize the material resources offered.

Children can make recommendations, assist in creating welcome, colorful wall art for the classroom, and work in small groups to help one another catch up on their education. Tell them that they can get through this together by supporting one another.

Don’t forget to thank the kids for their efforts and contributions. By connecting with students, building strong relationships with each one, and implementing routines throughout the day, teachers can promote emotions of safety and security in their students.

Learn and look out for warning signs that the students can show.

Keep an eye out for modifications in your child’s behavior. Please follow school policy and seek further support and direction if you see significant changes in a student’s behavior that continue over time and prohibit them from playing or functioning.

If a teacher believes a student is having difficulty, they can offer much support. However, if you believe the child requires specialized assistance, you should seek further help and send them to child protection agencies, family doctors, or mental health specialists.

Use modeling to condition positive behavior.

For their students, teachers can serve as positive role models. Children will see you and pick up the coping mechanisms you employ regularly. Be composed, truthful, and considerate, and show children that you have a good attitude.If you are in search of a CBSE school and are searching for affordable Ahmedabad international school fees, contact Global Indian School Ahmedabad to put a fruitful end to your search.


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