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8 Most Profitable Fruits To Turn Into Wine In Stardew Valley


Selling wine is a great way to make money in Stardew Valley. Here are some great foods to use when making wine.

In Stardew Valley, crops are the most important part of your farm. There’s plenty of room to grow them, the seeds are cheap, and they’ll feed you if you don’t have much energy yet. Before you can buy animals, you’ll have to get better at farming and grow healthy food from the dirt.

Once you can make Kegs and turn your crops into drinks and alcohols, you’ll make a lot more money, especially if you have both the Tiller and Artisan Professions. Fruit is especially important because it can be turned into wine, which is almost always worth more. So you don’t waste your valuable Keg time, here are the best items to use to get the most money for your hard work.


QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

It’s smart to put money into this tree early on so you can get as many Pomegranates as possible in your first Fall. From the start of the game, players can buy a Pomegranate Sapling (and other sapling plants) at Pierre’s General Store. When Autumn comes, the price tag of 7,500g will quickly pay for itself, so it’s a good idea to buy early.

Since an average pomegranate is worth 140g on its own, a bottle of pomegranate wine will be worth 420g. Not all fruits can make wine that is worth more than 1,000g, but a high-quality Pomegranate wine can be worth up to 1,176g.

This fruit, as well as the fruit from many of the other trees, is always worth getting early on if you want to make money quickly and fix up the community centre as soon as possible.

Crystal Fruit

QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

Having trouble finding food for your Kegs during the winter? There is a way to fix that, and it’s called “Crystal Fruit.” If you can get your hands on a good amount of Winter Seeds, you can use your empty field room to grow Crocus, Snow Yam, Winter Root, and Crystal Fruit during the winter months. Winter Seeds are the only seeds that can grow in snow, and crows won’t try to eat them.

Most of the time, you need a Crafting Recipe or a Seed Maker to turn Winter things you find in the valley into Winter Seeds. You can make ten Winter Seeds by putting together Crocus, Snow Yam, Winter Root, and Crystal Fruit.

Because Crystal Fruit can be sold for a good price, it pays to grow Winter Seeds. It usually goes for 150g, but if you turn it into wine, you can get 450g for it. For making wine, it’s best to keep all Crystal Fruits that are found and picked.


QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

Before you can get a banana, you have to go through a long process to get a Banana Sapling, which is only on Ginger Island.

Professor Snails will give you a Banana Sapling when you have all the fossils from Large Animals. You can get more Saplings by giving five Dragon Teeth to the Island Trader for more Saplings. You can also find them at the Blacksmith’s by breaking open Golden Coconuts.

After you get a sapling, it will take 28 days to grow into a full-fledged Banana tree that gives you the wonderful fruit. They can be grown on Ginger Island, in Stardew Valley during the Summer, and in the Greenhouse at any time.

The normal banana is worth 150g, so Banana Wine is worth 450g, and that’s without the Artisan Profession. When you have a steady supply of bananas, it’s a great way to make money late in the game.


QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

Rhubarb makes more money per piece than strawberries, which are the most popular spring food. Strawberry has the benefit of making more than one strawberry, but its seeds aren’t as easy to find as Rhubarb’s because they are only sold at the Egg Festival. Rhubarb, on the other hand, is always for sale in the Desert Oasis shop.

If you ship a normal Rhubarb, you get 220g. If you turn it into wine and have the Artisan Profession, you get 924g. That’s more than four times as much money just because it turned into booze. What’s the best?Rhubarb is not good to eat on its own, so you won’t eat it by chance before putting it in a Keg.


QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

Melon is a very popular and easy-to-get fruit that helps a lot of farmers make a lot of money, which is great when it’s your first Summer in the Valley.

The best thing about melons is that you can grow Giant Melons if you put nine of them in a square. This is one of three Giant Crops you can grow in the game. Not only do these look great, but when they are killed, they give out 15–21 crops, which is at least six more than the 33 space they took up.

Melons are one of the most valuable crops you can buy at Pierre’s, so take advantage of them all Summer long to make as much money as possible. The normal Melon is worth 250g, but if you are a Tiller and an Artisan, you can turn it into a 1,050g bottle of wine.


QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

Pineapples are a great way to make money, but you need to go to Ginger Island to get them. Tiger Slimes and Hot Heads in the Volcano Dungeon drop Pineapple Seeds, but you can also get more from the Island Trader for a Magma Cap mushroom.

It takes 14 days to grow a pineapple from seed to harvest, and 7 days to grow another pineapple from the same seed. Since water and heat on Ginger Island will make them grow forever, you can have as many Pineapples as your heart (or wallet) wants. The base price for selling pineapple wine is 900g, and a bottle of Iridium-quality pineapple wine sells for 2,520g, which sounds as sweet as the drink itself.

Ancient Fruit

QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

Getting Ancient Fruit is hard, but well worth it, especially if you can grow enough Ancient Fruit plants to fill a whole Greenhouse. They will always have fruit, so you won’t have to worry about putting new seeds. All you’ll have to do is pick the fruit. There are many ways to get your hands on this important piece of history.

  • Museum Reward: If you find and give Gunther the Ancient Seed artefact, he will give you Ancient Seeds that you can plant any time of the year except winter. Many players choose to put them in the Greenhouse so they will grow more fruits and won’t die from frost. Once you give an Ancient Seed to the museum, Gunther gives you the recipe to turn the artefact into seeds you can grow. This is very helpful if you find more Ancient Seeds.
  • Seed Maker: When you put any crop (except Ancient Fruit) into the Seed Maker machine, Snake Game has a 0.5 percent chance of giving you Ancient Seeds instead of the crop you put in. A rare but fun little treat!
  • Traveling Cart: Everyone’s favourite thief always has something useful up her sleeve, and this is no different. Check every Friday and Sunday, because there’s a 1.26 percent chance she’ll be carrying Ancient Seeds between 100 and 1,000g on those days. What a bargain!

Since Ancient Fruit can’t be eaten, the best thing to do with it is to make wine out of it. If you have a full Greenhouse of Ancient Fruit (minus four spots for Iridium Sprinklers) and turn them all into Iridium-quality wine, you’ll make more than $500,000 from just one harvest and ageing.


QualityPricePrice With Artisan Profession

After getting an unlimited supply of Starfruit Seeds from the Oasis shop, you’ll be making money faster than you can spend it.

The normal Starfruit gives you 750g, but what if you make wine out of it? With the Artisan Profession, it can be up to 3,150g, and if it’s stored long enough, it can be up to 6,300g.

Only one crop sells for more than the Sweet Gem Berry, but you can’t make wine out of it, so it falls short. Starfruit also grows faster than the Sweet Gem Berry, taking only 13 days to grow instead of 24 days. Starfruit is the best choice for sure. Since the word “star” is in the name, it can’t be bad, right?


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