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Get Custom Cone Sleeves To Keep Your Waffles Safe

Get Custom Cone Sleeves To Keep Your Waffles Safe

Everyone loves to enjoy ice cream. It is one of the most commonly eaten desserts. Most people love waffle ice creams as it allows them to enjoy multiple flavors. To keep these waffle ice creams fresh custom cone sleeves are used. 

Sleeves for cones keep the waffles secure and retain their crispiness for a longer duration. Ice cream is a semi-solid dessert. Companies need waffle cones to present their ice creams and give their customers a memorable experience. 

Ice cream sleeves can be design to make them a trademark of a company. For this, you can use your company’s logo. In addition, using high-quality materials will give your sleeves sturdiness and provide complete protection for the waffles. 

Why Is It Necessary To Use Custom Cone Sleeves? 

We know that waffle ice cream is popular. This is because waffle ice creams are variable in multiple flavors and allow the customers to enjoy different combinations of ice creams. Like cereals, waffles are delicate and need protection. 

Using waffle cone sleeves will keep your waffles safe. Proper protection of waffles via sleeves keeps the waffles fresh and free from getting soggy. Therefore, the use of these sleeves is mandatory for ice cream parlors or restaurants. 

Furthermore, these sleeves are necessary for brand promotion. You can add your company’s logo to promote your brand. It will help you make your packaging unique and distinct from other brands. The uniqueness of products attracts new costumes and increases a company’s sales. 

Ice Cream Sleeves And Protection 

As we have already discussed that the waffles have a crunchy texture. They can also absorb moisture and become soggy. A soggy waffle will decline the taste and value of your ice cream and the customers will avoid purchasing your product. 

To avoid losing customers companies use cone sleeves. That protects the product and keeps it fresh during storage and transit. In this regard, the material quality of the packaging should be high. 

Now we will discuss the best material used in the manufacturing of sleeves for cones: 


In every kind of packaging, the use of high-grade material is necessary. Material quality will define if your packaging protects your product or not. Therefore, Ice cream cone packaging is made of sturdy and sustainable material. 

There are two types of material use in the manufacturing of sleeves for waffle cones: 

  1. Kraft 
  2. Cardboard 

Most companies use these two materials because both of them are sustainable, have significant sustainability, and can be recycle. Kraft and corrugated both are paper-base materials that can be recycle, therefore they are economical. 

Your cone sleeves ice cream will remain fresh and delicious with the use of premium-quality and sturdy material. 


In addition to material, lamination is very important to keep the waffles fresh and crunchy. The lamination can be use inside as well as outside of the box. The internal lamination keeps the waffles protected from the moisture of ice cream. 

The outer lamination of waffle cone sleeves protects the packaging from scratches, your packaging will look perfect and the customers will attract to your product. 

Use A Food-Grade Material 

In the packaging of food items like cakes, pies, or ice creams it is necessary to use food-grade material. Ice cream cone packaging can cause health hazards to customers if it contains toxic materials. 

A food-grade packaging does not contain any harmful elements that can potentially cause negative impacts on the consumer. For this, you must use FDA approved packaging, such as kraft and cardstock. 

Choose An Eco-Friendly Material 

In addition to the safety of consumers, it is necessary to consider the safety of the environment. In this regard, companies use eco-friendly materials. These materials degrade over a certain period of time and enter back into the natural cycles. 

The worth of your cone sleeves ice cream will increase with the use of a sustainable material. Many climate conscious individuals will prefer your brand and help you grow as a company. 

Keep Your Product Special 

There are many companies that deal in waffle ice creams. Most of them use sleeves to protect their ice creams. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to create a different type of packaging. 

With the use of printing, you can make unique and different packaging. There are different types of printing techniques used in the market for creating a unique sleeve. Following are some printing types: 

  1. Spot UV
  2. Hot stamping 
  3. Digital printing 
  4. Offset printing
  5. Embossing
  6. debossing

Final Words 

If you are running an ice cream company or you have an ice cream counter, investing in custom cone sleeves is crucial for you. You can keep your waffles fresh and resin the look of your ice cream. 

With the use of robust and sustainable materials, you can ace selling ice creams and grow your business exponentially. 

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