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7 Strategies to engage preschool kids


Jun 5, 2023

Singapore has people from various parts of the globe residing with their families. All these families require the best schools for their children to ensure a productive and fruitful future. Therefore, they often look for preschools in Singapore with the best curriculum plan, state-of-the-art amenities, and educated faculty. There is no shortage of school options, as education in Singapore is one of the best in the world. The only concern that both parents and educators have is how to engage kids in preschool. 

7 Strategies for engaging the preschool kids

The strategies that can help engage preschool kids and yield the best results are listed below. 

Art Projects

Crafting is the best way to let the creative juices flow and to improve the imagination power. You can include multiple things in an art project, including clay modeling, painting, drawing, and much more. Whatever tools are available to you, turn them into a craft project and use them to engage children. 

Sing & Dance

You do not have to sing the songs from the latest movies. Instead, choose to sing the rhymes or turn kids’ stories into a melody and dance along to make it fun and exciting. This activity will help improve vocabulary, communication skills, and language hold. Moreover, it will create a happy and comfortable environment at school, which works for the overall development of children. 

Count Games

Another option is to include counting games in the routine but make it interesting for them. For example, give them multiple objects with varied shapes and sizes and ask them to count the number of figures in each shape.  

Match the Sound with Figures

Sound activities are also engaging. They interest children as all their senses are put to work. For example, play with animal sounds and ask them to identify and match them with the animal to which it belongs. Similarly, you can play sounds of flowing water, train, and more, asking children to identify them. 

Meaningful Screen time

Screen time is not always a bad idea! You only have to limit the duration and be careful about what children watch. Play some story, a science documentary, or something that can teach children a significant concept. It will not only engage them but add to their knowledge. 

Plant a Garden

Parents can engage children in productive home activities like planting a garden and taking care of the plants. Make it a part of your child’s routine to spend time with the plants and observe how they grow and flourish. Moreover, it will keep them away from gadgets and work productively on their mental health.

Obstacle Course/ Maze

Preschools in Singapore can organize obstacle courses or a maze for children where they have to find their way out. Young children find it highly entertaining, and it will keep them engaged for hours together.

Parents or teachers can choose any of the activities written above, depending on the feasibility and the child’s interest. The ideal way is to give them options and let them decide what they want to engage in so that they do not throw tantrums and participate actively. You can teach children multiple lessons through these activities without making them realize that they are studying! So, choose the activities, organize everything and watch your child engage and learn through them.


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