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The Outlast Trials: 4 Best Rigs In The Game, Ranked


Even though The Outlast Trials is a hard game, there are some things called Rigs that can help players stay alive longer. These are the best.

The Outlast Trials will test every player’s ability to keep going through some of the hardest fights they’ll ever face. Players can buy Rigs from Noakes, the Engineer, to help them get where they need to go. These Rigs will give players different gameplay boosts and bonuses that will help them get through their Trials. As the players move through The Outlast Trials, they will be able to improve these Rigs even more, giving them the best chance of survival possible.

But some Rigs are better than others, and players may not know which ones they want to buy with their hard-earned money. When players go into the Trials, being ready is one of the most important things they can do. Knowing which Rigs are better than others will help them a lot on their way.


In The Outlast Trials, X-Ray is one of the Rigs that are not as strong. The X-Ray Rig lets players see enemies behind walls or other obstacles and mark them so their friends can find them. Intelligence is always useful for players because it lets them carefully plan their next steps. The X-Ray Rig doesn’t stand out as much as the other Rigs because it doesn’t do much.

When the X-Ray Rig is improved, it does have a bit more power. Some of the best upgrades are ‘Resources Intel’ and ‘Classified Intel,’ which let players find both consumable things and mission items through the Rig. This can be a great way for players who are running low on goods to figure out where they can get more. The “Battery Transfer” upgrade is another great way for players to save some resources. This upgrade refills the Night Vision Battery while the player is using their X-Ray Rig. With this update, players won’t have to look around as much for batteries.

Even so, the other Rigs are better than the X-Ray Rig because they can do what the X-Ray does. But better. For example, with the Healing Rig, players don’t have to look for healing items. Because they can just use their Rig to fix themselves. The Blind Rig is also a great way to find out where players are and will blind enemies that are following them.


With the Blind Rig, players can set up a mine that will explode. This will create a cloud of smoke and temporarily blind enemies for a few seconds, giving the player time to run away. The best way to use this Rig is to put it in doorways or near a goal. So that enemies who try to stop the player will be stunned instead. This will slow them down, giving the person a few extra seconds to get to their goal.

The Blind Rig can be upgraded in a few ways to give it a little more power. One of the best is “Recharge,” which makes the player’s mines work again after they have been set off once. This upgrade can be very helpful for players who want to throw their attackers for a loop. It also gives the mine a lot more use. “Ready” is also a very useful improvement. It lets players use the Rig from the start of the Trial. So they can set up their traps as soon as they need to. This gives them an extra layer of defense. Also, the “Deploy Technique” shortens the time it takes to set up the mines. Which makes the Rig more useful when the player is being chased.

When the player doesn’t have time to throw a stun bomb. The Blind Rig can be better than the Stun Rig. Unfortunately, it takes quite a few seconds to set up the Blind Rig. And if the player is already being chased, they may not have time to wait.


In The Outlast Trials, every team needs the Healing Rig. The Rig lets off a gas that heals the player and their friends. This is a very useful way to get out of a jam. Healing Rig should always be worn by at least one player on a multi-player team. It helps the group so much that it would be a waste not to bring it.

One bad thing about the Healing Rig is that its area of effect isn’t very big. So players who use it will have to run around to try to catch up with their friends. But Eggy Car players can buy some great improvements for the Healing Rig that really make it shine. With “Expanded Radius,” it’s much easier to heal a group, but players who play alone might not use it much. With “Detox,” the Rig can also fix Psychosis. This gives it a little more use. This will help the team as a whole be in a much better place and get them ready to move forward in their present Trial. ‘Poison’ is also useful because it slows down enemies who get caught in the gas. This makes the Healing Rig the best defensive tool ever. And it’s clear that any team would benefit from having it.


The stop Rig does exactly what its name says it does: it lets players temporarily stop their enemies. It works the same way as the bottles and rocks that are all over the Trials. It’s a great way to slow down enemies that are chasing the player. Giving them a few extra seconds to get away. When used with rocks and bottles, this Rig is especially dangerous, and it really lets players fight back.

There are different improvements that players can buy to make the Stun Rig even better. “Extended Duration,” which increases the amount of time an enemy is stunned, is one of the best improvements a player can get. This is very helpful because it gives the player more time to get away from the person chasing them. Another great improvement is “Prepped,” which lets you use the Rig right from the start of the Trial. This keeps players from being caught off guard by early ambushes. Lastly, the ‘Expanded Radius’ improvement gives the Rig a bigger explosion radius. Making it much easier for players to hit enemies with it. All of these things make the Stun Rig the best Rig in The Outlast Trials. It is very strong and a great addition to any player’s team.

The PC version of The Outlast Trials lets you play it early.


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