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The 11 Best Survival Games To Play On Steam


Here are the best games on Steam where your goal is to stay alive. You’ll need to gather wood and make things.

Most of the time, people who like survival games have a hard time deciding which games to buy on Steam. All kinds of games are on this list, from the biggest Triple-A games to the smallest indies. And with Steam Early Access, some players can try out early versions of their favorite games and see how they change based on what they say.

When it comes to quality, not all of these games can be called top-notch or important. Here are some of the best survival games on Steam to help you decide which ones to try.

Don’t Starve

In Don’t Starve, players take on the part of Wilson, a scientist who wakes up in a strange new world full of supernatural creatures. As the name suggests, your main goal is to keep Wilson living as long as possible by making sure he stays fed and is both physically and mentally ready to face the many dangers that lurk in the shadows.This is the best survival game on Steam if you want something weird and dark.

To do this, you have to make tools and weapons from things you find during the day and use them to fight shadow-like monsters at night. Its open world is made up by chance at the start of each game, so each playthrough is as exciting as it is unexpected. Don’t Starve Together, a free online add-on, was also made available.


If you like farming sims like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, Deadcraft is a good survival sim to try. Your character, Reid, is a mix of a zombie and a human. In this strange but fun survival/farming/RPG game, you help him figure out how to live as a zombie/human blend. Reid must go reward hunting to make money so he can stay alive after the end of the world. But then he has to use that money to farm people and make zombie food.

You’ll spend your time exploring, collecting, and fighting when you’re not growing tomatoes or planting a group of corpse followers. The way weapons get better in Deadcraft is interesting. You can make simple weapons like shotguns or strange ones like old road signs. Details like these, which are both grotesque and silly, make Deadcraft one of the best survival games on Steam.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular survival games on the digital market. It came out in 2017 after being in Steam Early Access for two years. This is mostly because people keep talking about it and keep being interested in dinosaurs. Also, we’d say that Ark is one of the best survival games on Steam for people who like dinosaurs.

In a world where these prehistoric reptiles still roam, players must prove their power by either taming them or fighting them off once they have the tools to do so. They will also have to set up a base that grows and gets more advanced over time. But when they do this, they have to deal with other people who can just as quickly mess up their plans and send them back to the Stone Age.


Another survival game that started out in Steam Early Access is Subnautica. Planet 4546B is the name of the strange world where Subnautica takes place. You play as Ryley Robinson, whose spaceship crashes on Planet 4546B and throws him into its huge ocean. To stay alive, he will have to set up a good place to live and look around the planet for hints about what happened to a previous mission.

At the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards, the game got the Breakthrough Award and PC Game of the Year. And with more than five million copies sold, it has become a big hit with fans of survival games. It even has a solo sequel called Subnautica: Below Zero. Subnautica is one of the best survival games on Steam if you like games like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is for you if you want to feel like you’re in Castaway. In this first-person, open-world survival game, your character crashes over the Pacific Ocean and winds up on an unknown island. To stay alive, you must learn how to make tools, build a home, and hunt animals. Also, because the islands are made at random, no two playthroughs will ever feel the same.

Even though Stranded Deep doesn’t have the competitive edge of games like Rust or Ark, it does have split-screen co-op that you can play online or with friends in the same room. So, it’s one of the best multiplayer survival games on Steam to play with a friend!

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty has parts that aren’t usually found in survival games, like role-playing and life modeling. It is known for how realistically it shows life in the Middle Ages. Players have to build a whole town from scratch and keep it safe from bandits and other attackers.

Players can choose to follow the main quest line, which has set goals, or they can roam around the open world and find their own experiences. But the end goal is still to build a dynasty that can compete with all the others in the medieval kingdom. As you can see, Medieval Dynasty is likely to be one of the best survival games on Steam for people who like history.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky came out in a less-than-ideal state, and that’s putting it mildly. But if you look at the game now, it’s hard to see the growing pains and rough edges. That used to be a big part of what it was like to play. No Man’s Sky is one of the best survival games on Steam as it is right now, if not the best.

This is because the game is still being worked on by Hello Games. Which has tried to keep many of the promises it made to players when it first came out. Because of this, each of the planets in its galaxy has a lot to see and do. So, if you jumped into its huge, randomly-generated world for the first time. You would find a huge, open universe built around exploring and staying alive.

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is a unique survival game with a lot of thought put into it. From a gameplay point of view, Teenage Exocolonist’s most important feature is a card game concept that players must learn to do everyday things. But what makes the game stand out is its thoughtful and heart-wrenching story.

In I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, you play as the main character as they grow up from 10 to 20 years old in a new colony on an alien world. Each playthrough builds on the last, as each ending creates a bigger multiverse of possibilities that only your character can see. Basket Random is one of the best survival games on Steam if you want a game with a good story and easy-to-understand gameplay.


Valheim is a survival game that is based on Norse mythology. It took Steam by storm in 2021 when it sold more than five million copies in its first month. The game takes place in a fictional realm where Vikings who have died go to make sure they have a place in Valhalla. Players have to show they are worthy by fighting different supernatural forces that threaten the land.

Valhiem is mostly an action game, but at its core, it’s a survival game, so you’ll also have to look for resources, build shelters, make weapons and items, and work with or fight other players. Valheim is one of the best survival games on Steam. If you like survival games and want to play in a magical setting.

Stranded: Alien Dawn

Imagine a game where the Sims’ “human ant farm” gameplay is mixed with the “live or die” stakes of “space survival.” You’ll start to get the idea behind Stranded: Alien Dawn, an open-world survival game on a strange planet that is fun but hard. Even though the game is still in “early access,” it is already one of the best survival games on Steam.

Stranded is great at giving players a realistic survival experience with lots of details. There are a lot of ways to do research, a method for making plans hour by hour. And a lot of ways to set up assignments. Still, because the seasons change, animals can be unfriendly, and diseases are everywhere, players must keep their space crews flexible to meet the latest needs for survival. This is the best survival game on Steam for hard-core gamers.

The Forest

The Forest is a survival horror game by Endnight Games that has a lot of fans. Players take on the role of Eric Leblanc, a man who is looking for his son after their plane crashes on a wooded peninsula. To stay alive, he has to look through the forest for things he can use to build and make.

But a band of mutants lives on the peninsula, so Eric will have to deal with them as he looks for them. With a sequel called Sons of the Forest in the works, now is the best time to grab a knife and cut your way through this dangerous open world. The Forest is one of the best survival games on Steam if you like games that give you chills and thrills.


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