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The 10 Best Tracks In Trackmania, Ranked


May 27, 2023 ,

Players can make their own songs in any style they want in Trackmania, and these are the best ones so far.

Over the years, people in the Trackmania community have made maps for each other to play that are always getting harder and more creative. In addition to racing, the Track Editor is one of the most important parts of the game. It lets players create and customize their own circuits with a wide range of options.

There are thousands of amazing original designs to choose from, like ones that look like real Formula 1 tracks or ones that are based on sci-fi and have lots of boosts and backflips. Players will have different tastes based on the layout and surfaces, but these tracks do a great job of giving players of all skill levels a great atmosphere, environment, and fun.

Terracotta By HTIMH

HTIMH has made a lot of famous tracks for Trackmania over the years, but the old streets of “Terracotta” have a charm and warmth that all players will appreciate. The map looks like an old Italian town in the countryside. It has everything from Roman ruins and church domes to European apartment blocks and townhouses that are close together.

With different kinds of surfaces and an epic jump that goes to the town square. This track gives players a lot of ways to explore and compete. The hardest part of Terracotta is getting the jumps right and not sliding off the grassy parts. There are also a few tricky tech areas at the beginning and end.

Project Horizon – Sunrise By MCYCShadow

This track’s opening visual is one of the best in the game. It has a lot of atmosphere and was carefully made. MCYCShadow recreated the opening cutscene of Forza 4: Horizon by using great music, comments. And visual effects to make a track that will get players excited about racing. The track itself is a fast, technical course with obstacles like “morning fog” and more than one way to finish.

As players race around this beautiful environment, they will hear voiceovers and see cinematic scenes. This will add to the excitement and fun, and the long straight to the finish line will make sure that every race ends on a dramatic note.

The Great Yonder By EntryLag And Ski Freak

This crazy full-speed course has to be done with both courage and skill. WirtualTM, a famous Trackmania player and streamer, called this one of the most beautiful tracks. Players will need to do a lot of difficult jumps and loops as they fly at top speed around this raised sky track. The map has different levels and parts that players need to finish. Because this circuit has so many loops and jumps, it can be hard to keep your balance at times.

This track is definitely not for beginners, and even the first few jumps take a fair amount of skill. Once players get the hang of this, though, the track can be a thrilling roller coaster ride. And getting the start and finish of each jump right can help a lot.

BlackMamba By Krullor

The TM Formula League is known for making tracks that are a little bit more realistic than most other clubs. They focus on making clean, regular tracks without boosts, and they measure time over three laps. This means that you have to be very precise and think ahead to do well on their tracks. And Krullor’s “Black Mamba” shows this better than anywhere else. For a change, the track is a twisting mix of hairpins and tight chicanes that force Trackmania players to use the delicate art of stopping.

Like all Formula League tracks, BlackMamba has a professional, competitive design that makes players feel like they are really racing in some kind of futuristic e-sports event. Even though BlackMamba isn’t the fastest track, it requires players to use skills that aren’t often used in other maps.

Final Rush By Psyniac

There have been some really great space tracks made for Trackmania over the years, like Ealipse’s “Artemis 11” moon base circuit and A1SENW and Contact’s “Diversify” alien world. But Final Rush by Psyniac might be one of the best looking and most fun to play. The track starts with a speed boost to make sure that players stay at terrifyingly high speeds the whole time. On either side of its long turns and tunnels is often a death-drop into the abyss.

This track is a great example of how creative the Trackmania community is. The landscape is very detailed, and the track itself is fast, competitive, and a lot of fun to play.

Neo Cupra – The Great Climb By Florenzius_

Neo Cupra tracks are known for both how beautiful they look and how well they work for Cup of the Day events. One of their main makers, Florenzius, who also made Magnetic Maze, Digital Ciudad, and Transicion, has made a great new song called “The Great Climb” for their fans. Starting with an uphill, icy drift, the course then opens up into a high-speed dash across dirt, grass, and a brilliant underwater part that feels absolutely epic to nail at full speed.

As you get closer to the finish line, the run turns into a high vertical climb. And there are plenty of chances to keep going fast out of the last two turns into the gravity-defying end. There are a lot of beautiful buildings, plants. And water features on the track, which makes it harder to make a mistake.

Pantheon – Poseidon By Proff10

Pantheon – Poseidon was made by another well-known track designer, Proff10, who also made Akita Slide and many other unique and well-designed tracks. This map has potted plants and beautiful sculptures that make it look like you’re racing around Mount Olympus or an Ancient Greek garden. It’s likely to be one of the most memorable tracks you’ll see.

The track itself is a high-speed tech run that requires skill and precision to get through its many narrow passageways, which are often just a big drop into nothingness. Even though there are a few jumps, this is a great track for younger players because it doesn’t require any particularly hard tricks. It also shows off the full potential of Trackmania’s track editor.

Sunroad By Antøskins & MeKecek

Sunroad is mostly a dirt track with some tricky turns that will take a lot of skill to learn. Once you know how the track’s twisty layout works, you can go very fast on it. But you have to keep control of your car at all times through its wide turns and steep banks. The fact that this track is outside and in the summer makes it feel like even more fun to drive. It also makes great use of the whole field.

This dirt track seems to be faster than most. So it will be important to be accurate and in the right spot to get a good time. Several jumps will also be a challenge and a chance to shave off more tenths of a second.

Obsidian Highrise By SapphiroN

Obsidian Highrise by SapphiroN is a unique, almost entirely vertical game where players race down from the top of a huge tower. Because of this, the cars’ speed is always going up, helped by a number of speed and hover boosts as they go down a fairly straight line of loops and jumps. The giant building itself serves as an obstacle, with metal bars and platforms that can take players out at each turn.

The track is very well made for racing, and the world record. Which was set by bcp in March 2022 at 42.974 seconds, makes it competitive.

God Valley By Intax

God Valley is a popular multi-surface track made by Intax, who is one of Trackmania’s most skilled and talented makers. The main thing about the track is that it has three different ways to finish. Grass, plastic, and dirt all lead to the finish line within a few tenths of a second of each other. Most players prefer the grass route, but it’s a good idea to play all three. Since everyone’s driving style and tastes are likely to be a little bit different.

The way that all three routes are laid out without crossing each other and making a mess is probably the most amazing thing about this track. It’s like having three different tracks in one. “God Valley” is a user-made track in 8 Ball Pool that is very creative, fun, and competitive. It has everything you could want in a user-made track.

TrackMania is already out for PC, and in 2023, it will come out for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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