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Sonic: 10 Best Songs In The Franchise, Ranked


May 27, 2023 ,

Every fan of Sega’s famous Sonic series has their own favorite songs from the Sonic series. These are usually the top candidates.

Speed and music are two things that most people think of when they think of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Since the first games in the series came out on Sega Genesis in the early 1990s, the music has been a big part of how the now-iconic Blue Blur moves through the mainline games.

As the series has progressed, so has the music. Some of the music in the most recent games is so memorable that it takes gamers back to their first Sonic games. These are the best songs in the series, from new versions to old classics, that make fans feel like they’re back in their childhoods.

Gotta Go Fast – Sonic X

This Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon show ran on 4Kids in the early 2000s. Younger Sonic the Hedgehog fans may not remember it. It wasn’t the first TV show based on the Sonic video game series, but it did a better job of showing the action-packed stakes of a Sonic game than most. As a surprise, it has a theme song that sounds just like Sonic games from the early 2000s.

The song was written by Norman Grossfeld, who is the head of 4Kids, and Russell Velazquez, who is also a composer. The song’s fast pace matches Sonic’s speed. It also came up with the term “Gotta go fast,” which has become a catchphrase for Sonic in later games and TV shows based on the series.

Reach For The Stars – Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors first came out in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii. The game was a bright return to form for the Sonic series after games like Sonic ’06 and Sonic Unleashed. Longtime fans of Sonic the Hedgehog liked this change. They had felt for a long time that the series was having trouble finding a steady tone and appealing to younger audiences.

The theme song, which was done by Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash, gives the show’s music a more upbeat, computerized sound. The upbeat words also fit with what Sonic Team wanted to do with Sonic Colors, which was to make it a happier game. It even has drum beats that are pretty fast and make people want to run very fast.

His World – Sonic ’06

Sonic the Hedgehog, also called Sonic ’06, is one of the most well-known games in the series. Because the game was made in an unusually short amount of time, it was criticized for its silly story, gameplay, and most of all, its bugs. Even though the game as a whole doesn’t have many good points, it does have a catchy theme song.

The band Zebrahead played “His World” for the game. They mixed nu metal rock sounds with a full orchestra. Even though it seems strange, it fits the mood Sega was going for with Sonic ’06. The words also say a lot about the game’s main character, who, more than any other character in the game, faces death as he tries to save the world.

Infinite – Sonic Forces

“Infinite” is the theme song for the bad guy in Sonic Forces whose name is the same as the song. Most fans agree that a mediocre game wasted the character’s promise, but his theme song lives up to the hype. Like “Reach for the Stars,” it blends industrial pop and nu metal in a way that works really well.

Dangerkids’ two singers sound like a cheaper version of LINKIN PARK, but their music is catchy and scary, making it a good addition to Sonic the Hedgehog’s music library. Some of these songs work better in the games than they do on their own, but “Infinite” is one of the few that is great even when it’s not about Sonic.

Green Hill Zone – Sonic The Hedgehog

“Green Hill Zone,” which first appeared in the 1991 Sega Genesis game, is one of the few Sonic the Hedgehog songs that never gets old. Masato Nakamura, who worked on the music for the first two games, wrote its theme. As soon as the first bell rings, players feel like they’re in the first level of Sonic’s first game.

The song has been used in almost every Sonic the Hedgehog game, usually when the main character goes back to his home territory. Its modern reinterpretation in Sonic Generations not only makes it sound new and better. But also adds guitar riffs and a horn section to give it more big band energy.

Sonic Heroes – Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes came out for the Xbox, the PlayStation 2, and the GameCube in 2003. The game follows four groups of three characters whose stories overlap. Some of the characters from the lesser-known Knuckles Chaotix are new to players. Since the game is about working together, the main theme, “Sonic Heroes,” is very upbeat and has a great chorus gang voice.

This song came out when Sonic the Hedgehog was at his best in the 3D world. Which makes it a good addition to the series’ collection of “butt rock.” It’s also one of the few songs in the series where the chorus just repeats the name of the game, but that’s okay because it’s so catchy and fun to listen to.

Rooftop Run – Sonic Unleashed

“Rooftop Run” comes from Sonic Unleashed, which is one of the darker games in the Sonic series. The game has two kinds of levels: normal Sonic levels, which focus on speed. And werewolf Sonic levels, which are like hack-and-slash games. The music in each level is different. For example, the werewolf Sonic levels have jazzy music.

“Rooftop Run,” on the other hand, is only in the first regular Sonic levels and could be one of the most exciting songs in the whole series. It has a rock-and-roll feel because of the fast drum beat and electric guitars, but the main riff is played on string instruments, which makes the daytime themes of the level stand out more than the night themes.

Open Your Heart – Sonic Adventure

Crush 40, which is made up of Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli. Played many of the most well-known Sonic the Hedgehog songs. Since the early 1990s, Senoue has been a songwriter for Sega. He and Gioeli formed Crush 40 to record “Open Your Heart” for Sonic Adventure. It was a turning point not only for their singing career, but also for Sonic’s video game career.

If hearing “Open Your Heart” every time Drive Mad game starts wasn’t enough, it also plays when the final boss of Sonic Adventure, Perfect Chaos, fights. It’s a great background for the city-wide fight, especially since it’s softer and darker than the version that plays in the rest of the game, which is faster and brighter.

Live And Learn – Sonic Adventure 2

For Sonic Adventure 2, which came out in 2001, Crush 40 wrote the theme song again. Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog love this game because it was the first time they met Shadow the Hedgehog. The ultimate lifeform who fights Sonic for most of the game. The theme song for Crush 40, “Live and Learn,” is also one of the most famous in the series.

The song has been used over and over again because Sonic fans know it so well. It has been used in Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Generations, and the Super Smash Bros. series on Sonic-related levels. As soon as the phased guitar riff starts. Players can remember how excited they were when they first played this game.

Escape From The City – Sonic Adventure 2

“Live and Learn” by Crush 40 is the main theme of Sonic Adventure 2, but another song is way more famous and exciting. This song, “Escape From The City,” was played by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell for the first level of the game “City Escape.” Its signature bass riff and drum rhythm make you think of the first day of summer vacation.

In the City Escape level, Sonic goes down a hilly street that looks like San Francisco. He has to avoid cars and big trucks as he picks up rings. It’s a fun, famous way to start one of the best Sonic the Hedgehog games. But it wouldn’t be anything without this memorable theme playing in the background. “Escape From The City” is the best Sonic song by a long shot.


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