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8 Best Roguelite Games For Newcomers


When failure is part of the cycle, it’s easy for new players to move forward in a roguelite game.

Even though it’s still not clear what the differences are between roguelike and roguelite, both are still hard to play. Between the two, roguelites can be much easier to deal with. This is because roguelites let you collect and unlock items during a run, which you can then use to outfit yourself before starting a new run.

This can make your chances of success much better, especially if you’re stuck on a certain problem. Even so, you should take the roguelite genre slowly, so it’s best to start with one or two games before going into the deep end. Some names are easier to get used to, which makes it easier to know what to expect.

Rogue Legacy

Many people spend a lot of time thinking about what they will leave behind and who will come after them. Rogue Legacy is a quick and funny roguelite game that takes these ideas and boils them down. It’s a 2D pixel platformer where your family decides to go into a castle full of monsters and other dangerous animals. The goal is to beat all of the strongest monsters so that you can open the door to the inner chamber.

The twist is that if you die in fight, you can choose an heir to take your place. To make the runs more interesting, each person has a different look, class, and quirks. As you go through the game, you can improve your general skills and add more services outside the castle to help your kids do better.


For one reason or another, the merchant is probably the most famous NPC in any RPG. But many games let you put yourself in their shoes, and Moonlighter is one of them. You play as Will, a young man in a small town who wants to be a hero but whose shop is going out of business.

This top-down action-adventure roguelite lets you explore dungeons and run a business at the same time. As you beat the bosses in the areas you’ve already been in, you’ll be able to access more of them. You can get a lot of useful things from your adventures, which means you can make a lot of money to improve your gear so you can dive deeper.

Steamworld Dig

A lot of science fiction is about robots and how they will connect with people. In Steamworld Dig, most of the people are robots that are trying to live on the surface. They also use steam technology, which needs water to work.

As the brave mining robot Rusty, your goal is to dig to help the small mining town get back to how it used to be. The deeper you dig, the more valuable metals and upgrades you’ll find to help you dig. It’s a 2D platformer game with rigging animation, a nice look, and a good level of difficulty.


When you think about it, a minute is a long time. Still, the strange game Minit wants to find out if this is true. In this black-and-white top-down journey, you play as a cute duck creature who finds a magical sword. The bad thing about this sword is that it restarts your story every minute.

Because of this, you have to take small steps each time to get further along the road. It doesn’t have a lot of fights, and you spend most of your time exploring and looking for things. You will get closer and closer to the end as you find shortcuts, safe places, and new items.

Monster Train

Trains may not be the best way to get from one place to another, but they are useful and can be fun. Unless they are full of monsters, which is how Monster Train works. It might not help that it is going through Hell, which has actually frozen over. Still, you are in charge of guarding the last pyre in the realm while the train goes through, and the monsters are on your side.

In this graphic card game with 2D layers, you’ll get different kinds of cards. Choose the monsters you want to fight against those who want to put out the fire. If you fail, don’t worry, because each trip adds new monsters and power-ups to your deck.


Mining games have become their own genre because of games like Minecraft. What’s under our feet is a big puzzle, and you can try to figure it out with Undermine. As a miner, your job is to discover a huge network of tunnels, caves, and dungeons that are full of riches you could never imagine.

In this top-down pixel game, these riches are guarded by a lot of strong creatures that want to end your run. But while you’re in the mines, you can save people and find special items that improve your chances the deeper you go.

Streets Of Rogue

Even though Roguelite games already have a lot of different ways to play, procedural creation would make that even more true. This is what makes Streets of Rogue so interesting and fun. You can play as one of many people who live in a big, varied city that gets bigger the more you look around. Freedom is the key word for Spacebar Clicker game.

There are a lot of tasks to do to move forward, get stronger, and make the city better. You can do them in any way you want. You start with a play style based on the character you choose, but you can make your own as you play this 2D top-down game to find the best way to win.

Heroes Of Hammerwatch

It makes sense to play a game that makes you feel like a hero, which Heroes Of Hammerwatch does. Set in a traditional medieval fantasy world, you play as a hero in a number of dungeons that are generated by a set of rules. Even though this is a top-down 2D action RPG, the view is wide so you can see the whole area.

You can fight your way through the levels and grow as a hero by using weapons, magic, and items. Use the XP you earn, whether you fail or succeed, to improve your skills and get the strength you need to win.


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