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16 Best Armor Sets In Sun Haven, Ranked


May 27, 2023 ,

Check out all the armor sets you can get in Sun Haven, ranked from worst to best.

Sun Haven has a lot of sets of armor. All of them can be gotten in different ways, like by buying them, making them, or finishing museum bundles. How hard it is to get each set depends on how fast you play. You may find it harder to get some sets if you pay more attention to certain parts.

There are a few sets that look better as decorations than they do for their stats. We ranked each set of armor from worst to best to make it easier for you to wear armor in Sun Haven. Only one set of armor, the Sparkling Sun Armor Set, was left out of this list on purpose because it is only available to backers.

Money Maker

Even if your fighting level is 0, you can wear the Money Maker armor set, but it is harder to get. You need to finish the money bundle in the Museum in order to get the whole set. It’s not very good in terms of stats and real armor. It gives you an extra 8% big gold.

This set is, to be honest, a bit of a letdown. It doesn’t even look all that beautiful. There are a lot of other great things you should try, even if it’s just for looks.

Spring Armor

The only place to buy the Spring Armor set is at Blossom’s Seasonal Shop for Spring Seasonal Tokens. You’ll need 1,900 Spring Seasonal Tokens to get the whole set of five pieces. The bonuses you get aren’t worth the time and effort you put into getting these badges.

Even more so because by the time you can get it, you’ll probably already have better choices. But the set is very pretty and only for looks. If that’s what you like, go flower power.

Copper Armor

Most likely, the first set of armor you get will be made of copper. Copper will be the first ore you find in the mines, so making this set of armor will be very easy. Though, you shouldn’t bet on having it for a long time. It’s a great set to start out with, but that’s where it stops.

This set is low because it is a “first time for everything” set. This should never be your last set, because there are many more that are much better.

Archer Armor

The Archer, or Bush, set of armor can only be worn when your fighting level is at least 5. To get there, you need to put Skill Points into the Tier 5 Outfitter skill on the Mining Tree. Even though it takes a lot of work to get, the perks aren’t that great.

When you can get it, you will probably be able to get better sets. Still, I have to say that this is one of the nicer-looking sets. It’s a great choice if you want to look good. Not really for battle.

Iron Armor

Iron is likely to be the second metal improvement you get for your armor. This is one of the easy sets to get, no matter how you play Slope Game. You don’t have to mine very much, and you can just buy the metal. It’s not the best set of armor you can get, but it’s not the worst, either.

You won’t have to go too far into the mines before you can start mining iron. If you don’t want to dig it, you can always buy iron bars from Solon, but it will cost you more than it’s worth.

Magma Armor

To get the Magma set of armor, you have to finish the Bars Bundle at the Museum. This set looks very cool and has pretty good stats. But once you get some of the bars you need for the Bars Bundle, you can start making some of the best sets of armor in the game.

So, this set is a disappointing prize for your hard work. The stats aren’t as good as they could be if you had better defense.

Mage Armor

The Spectre Helmet and the Spectre Robe make up the Mage Armor set. You can only wear this set when your Combat level is 20. You can only make it if you have put five Skill points into the Outfitter skill on the Mining Skill Tree. This set is great for people who like to use the best skills in the game.

It gives a good amount of defense and extra health, and it also makes magic damage a lot worse. Your mana would be the only thing that could make it better. It doesn’t work that way, though.

Adamant Armor

To wear adamant armor, you need to have a fighting level of 20. It is the next step up from Iron armor in terms of metal defense. Deeper in the Sun Haven mines, it’s easy to find Adamant Ore. Solon is also a good place to buy Adamant Bars.

But, based on how quickly or slowly you’ve played the game, you may have already spent a lot of time with Nel’Vari. There are also better sets if you can get to their mines.

Aerodynamic Armor

If you like to use a crossbow, this is one of the best sets you can get. The Aerodynamic set isn’t the best in the game, but it’s a good set all around. It looks cool, and it does a good amount of damage. It doesn’t ask too much to have a fighting level of 20, either.

The biggest downside is that you have to use the Outfitter Skill, which is on the fifth level of the Mining Skill Tree, in order to get it. You can do a lot of damage in battle, though, if you put in the time.

Fall Armor

The biggest problem with the Fall Armor set is that it can only be used during the Fall season. You need a total of 1,400 Fall Seasonal Tokens that you can spend at Blossom’s Seasonal Shop in order to get it. But unlike the Spring Seasonal Set, this one gives you good defense and boosts all of your stats.

But the level 15 combat minimum goes up with the better stats. This is a good choice if you can gather the tokens and don’t have any better defense equipped.

Mithril Armor

When you’re done with Adamant armor, Mithril will be the next step up in metal armor. This is one of the harder metals to get, and you’ll need to be pretty deep into the Sun Haven mines to get it. But you shouldn’t wait if you find yourself getting into fights often and losing more energy than you can handle.

The Mithril armor sets give a big boost to health and good defense on top of that. Mithril is mostly only used for tools and protection, which is a good thing.

Winter Armor

The best yearly armor set you can get is the Winter Armor set, which is the last one you can get during the year. As with the other seasonal tokens, you’ll need at least 1,400 Winter Seasonal Tokens to buy the whole set.

The only bad thing is that your speed slows down for every piece you put on. For people who like to jump all over the map, this will be the worst thing ever. During the winter, you’ll take things nice and easy.

Withergate Armor

If you want the amazing stat bonuses that come with the Withergate Armor set, you’ll have to work for it. You need to finish most of the Altars in Dynus’ Altar Room to get all five pieces, including the cape.

You can try to run through this room quickly to get the bits of Phantom Plate armor, but it will still take time. The only other thing you can do is use cheats to make them appear in the game, but that’s not very fun. So, hurry up and get to work!

Anubis Armor

This amazing set of Anbuis armor can only be bought from Batrick in the Withergate mines. Unfortunately, Batrick’s only form of money is candy corn. So, you’ll have to do a lot of farming and digging to get the materials you need.

To buy every piece of the set, you’ll need at least 6000 Candy Corn. At that point, you should have reached fight level 40 and can proudly wear the Anubis set. Lucky for us, there isn’t much you can buy with Candy Corn either.

Legionnaire Armor

This is one of the best sets of armor in Sun Haven, even if it isn’t the most beautiful. If you want to get there, you’re going to need a lot of Elven Steel. But the only way to get Elven Steel is to trade Elven Ore for it with Silas in Nel’vari.

To get that ore, you’ll have to trade a lot of mana bits. Get to work! If you want good protection, you’ll have to work hard in the game.

Sunite Armor

The Sunite Armor doesn’t waste time. The ore for it can be found in the Sun Haven Mines, so it’s not too hard to get once you’ve unlocked the later floors of the mine. If you don’t like any other set, the Sunite Armor set should be your last set of armor.

It is the best choice, and people who wear it are serious. With this set of armor, you’ll be like a tank and be able to crush almost any enemy that gets in your way. Just make sure you wear as many pieces as you can.


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