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10 Best Characters In Souls Of Chronos


Even though they may have a hard time, these are the best characters in Souls of Chronos.

With Souls of Chronos and the gang-connected people of Astella, crime couldn’t look any better. If you didn’t know what was going on, you wouldn’t expect depth, gang wars, and violence from the characters because they look so cute.Running around town with Sid and Torii is fun and has a point because you talk to people, even if they are just minor figures.

Even the main characters have stories that will surprise you. Even though many good characters have interesting quirks, the best ones have personalities that are interesting and understandable even when they are living in unstable times or the end of the world.


Even though Sid and Torii were both connected to the Hyenas, Maya took care of them both without asking any questions. By most people’s standards, they’re not exactly good people. But Maya didn’t care because all she saw were two kids she still had dreams for.

She gave Sid and Torii a place to stay and covered for them when the governor started cracking down on the leftover Hyenas. She has been a good protector for both of them over the years. And she was one of the last people to see them off.


Cassia didn’t like Sid and Torii at first, but it’s clear that she really cares about them. She has already been helped by the two, but she can help them again by selling them goods and potions whenever she wants to. Even though she’s shy about making friends, she’s a good doctor who saved Sid from his fever.

She has read a lot and is the kind of person who thinks deeply about the world around her. She makes a good friend late in Souls Of Chronos game, even though she doesn’t usually tell anyone how she feels about Sid.


His life and power were coming to an end, but he still cared about the poor and stood up against oppression. He was betrayed, but he didn’t use his sword to kill the person who did it. Instead, he tried to reason with the enemy and focused on getting a hostage out of danger.

He tends to be calm, and even though the Antelopes are always a threat. Kiji is a kind old man who only cares about the people of Seahaze.


Byregot doesn’t say much, but he has a kind heart even when he tries to act like he’s just looking out for himself. He said that he met Ilona when he bought her from people who were selling her and hired her to work for him instead.

He doesn’t hold Ilona’s freedom against her, and she is free to leave if she wants to. It just so happens that she likes working with him. It’s the end of the world, but he shows that some people won’t stand by when wrong is done.


He’s kind and thinks of the people in Seahaze as his family. If anything, Robert’s soft heart is what leads him wrong in the end. You can’t judge him for his choices, especially when the Antelopes, who are trying to take over Astella, are constantly threatening violence.

It’s clear that he wants power so he can help people with Ashen Syndrome and make sure that most children where he comes from don’t have to work for their next meal. He was stuck and had to make a hard decision that not everyone could make.


Without Torii, it would be harder to fight, even though the fighting in Souls Of Chronos game isn’t too hard. Chronuses don’t usually follow human morals, and they don’t normally get attached to their Linked, but she becomes a close friend as the game goes on.

When Sid got a serious accident that knocked him out for three days, Torii took care of him. She’s become a little more like a real person. And it seems like she’s upset that she and Sid weren’t safe when it mattered.


He was young and had his whole life ahead of him. He wanted to leave Astella. His brother moved away from the island they grew up on. And that made him want to see what else was out there in the world. Sid is kind and friendly to a fault, even though he is in a gang.

Even though he’s not really “good,” since he steals from people around town. You can say that’s because he had a hard life growing up. You control Astella through him, and the best thing about him is that, for a playable character, he isn’t just a blank slate. He has his own personality.


Vitalle has always been a realistic man who just wanted to get by. So it made sense for him to switch sides once he saw who was winning the war. Vitalle said he was normal and didn’t want power. He just wanted to live, even before Osiris.

Even though he told Sid he wanted to be recognized and needed power and money. His meeting with Osiris showed otherwise. Since he was too involved with gangs, it made sense for him to put his own safety first in Funny Shooter 2.


What’s not to like about a well-known boss of the Hyena who broke through the glass ceiling to get there? She wanted to get even and got the power she wanted, but it cost her everything she cared about.

Even though she was married to the former leader of the Hyenas. She still had to move up in the ranks. Even though Sid’s ending wasn’t great, she could take comfort in the fact that Secca really cared for her, even though she was set on getting even with Sid.


He doesn’t get much screen time, but there’s no denying that he’s a figure who beat the odds. Schott is Sid’s bigger brother. He used to be in a gang, but he quit and is now lost in a faraway place. Even though he was sent away because he was accused of killing Secca’s husband. This gave him the chance to finally see the world outside of the Hyenas.

Not everyone can leave everything they care about behind or grow out of their comfort zone. Schott’s friends often think of him in a good way. Which is why Sid was still cared for after he left.


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