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Why Cats Need Indoor Cat Trees or Towers

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May 18, 2023
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Cat trees, scratchers, towers, and perches are just a few of their many names (and uses).  Cat trees aren’t usually the most attractive cat accessory, it must be said.  They can cost a lot of money and have a big footprint.  Do they merit the money and room?  The majority of the time, the answer is an emphatic “yes!”

Many of the demands and instincts of their wild cat selves still exist in our domestic house cats.  Unbelievably, a basic COZIWOW cat tree can provide them with useful solutions to satisfy some of those demands.  Cat trees can actually help with undesirable behaviors like furniture scratching and cat aggressiveness.

Cat Trees For Nail Care

Get the most effective cat tree for your large feline pal with out wasting your time, because you each deserve it. Additionally, the poles are all produced from thick cardboard which makes the structure so much less sturdy in the lengthy run. While the Furhaven cat tree may be a wonderfully nice choice for a number of, smaller cats, we simply don’t suppose it will work out for his or her larger brethren. The FEANDREA cat tree is properly suited to households with multiple cats, because the variety of sleeping areas means your cats is not going to need to battle for his or her favorite spots.

Multiple reinforced scratching posts with pure sisal ropes is ideal on your cats to scratch and grind their claws. The single scratching post and overall make it a poor choice for multiple cats or highly active felines, however it is fairly untippable and very sturdy. For a giant cat that doesn’t have excessive exercise necessities, the PAWZ cat tree could additionally be simply the ticket. The perches are all quite sizeable, and we love the sisal rope ramps as additional scratching posts. Our heftiest cat tester didn’t match into the hidey-holes very well, however for medium-large cats and smaller, it is a superb size.

Spreading Their Scent

Large cats not solely weigh extra however are also often more powerful than small cats, they usually can quickly break condos, toys, and perches which would possibly be more suited to smaller felines. Materials – Most of the cat bushes are made by wood lined with faux fur , which is very comfortable. Yet, relying in your cat’s preferences you may wish to choose a wooden tree . We found that cats who spend most of their time outdoors will get pleasure from these more as they’ll remind them of actual timber.

This cat tree can be very sturdy and made with durable materials. Therefore, if you’re struggling to discover a cat tree on your Maine Coon, the 7 finest cat trees listed above are the most effective. Many companies promote cheap, flimsy cat timber that aren’t extensive or tall sufficient for this huge breed. Unfortunately, regardless of the unique design, this tree has quality-control issues, with staples protruding of the posts and peeling carpet. Customers also reported a chemical odor coming from the tree that wouldn’t go away and free strings of carpeting that maintain coming off, presenting a potential choking hazard. The top quality of the supplies and the tree’s stability will assure that your cat will feel snug on it.


While this heavy duty cat tree is mostly perfect for bigger cats, the condos may be a little bit of a squeeze for them to get into as a outcome of the entrances are small. This excellent, heavy duty cat tree has many levels and a lot of room for a lot of cats to remain on it. The perches are large enough for mid-sized cats to comfortably relax as if they are on an elevated cat bed. But, for indoor cats particularly, climbing is usually something that they get in bother for doing. That will satisfy the climbing desire for nearly any cute little cat. It nearly guarantees that your lazy indoor cat (hey, no judgement right here – I even have certainly one of those!) will train.

Cat Trees For Hiding Spots

For small cat breeds, this is in all probability not an excessive amount of of a difficulty, however with larger cats, this will rapidly lead to damage to your own home and potential harm to your feline. If your cat love scratching more than anything, you might want to take a look at a variety of the alternate options under. The cause is that poles on this model usually are not entirely covered by sisal rope. So it is potential for your cat to overlook the rope and scratch the pole fabric. This FEANDREA has high-quality, delicate materials serving to cats to shortly get comfy on it.

A so-called “cat magnet,” this uncommon and unique cat tree features multiple different materials and modular designs that are good for curious cats. It’s tremendous lightweight and a lot easier to maneuver and even change the design, making it great to fit into completely different areas. Pet parents even have the choice of including different modular attachments to maintain the cat tower partaking. This cat tower features several perches and is available at multiple heights to satisfy the needs of any cat.

Resting and Sleeping Spots

Unlike people who live in a horizontal world, the world of cats revolves around everything vertical. They depend on elevated areas for enjoyable, exercise, consolation, and security. If you may have had expertise in retrieving your cat from the highest of your refrigerator, you’ll understand how much your kitty enjoys being perched on the tallest construction of your room.

Purchasing a cat tree that comes with attention-grabbing hanging toys, tree condo, attachments, climbing tower and scratching posts may also pique her curiosity. Let her heat as a lot as it in her personal time, and if she seems afraid of the higher tiers, place the hidden treats in lower spaces first. Scratching posts – It goes with out saying that your subsequent cat condo MUST have a scratching submit.

Some supplies include phthalates or BPAs that may cause harm to your cat if ingested. Cat bushes offer this chance, and placing the tree near a window can improve the cat’s expertise by giving them extra to look over whereas enjoyable in the tree. But, alas, that appears to be all that the On2Pets cat tree has going for it.

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